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HP Enterprise Services employees are now able to request a Office and Print Services Discount Card for business use.

The HP - FedEx Office Program for U.S. and Canada HP Enterprise Services employees provides a convenient way to purchase copy and print services while receiving HP discount pricing at any of our network of more than 1900 digitally-connected locations.

Whether you are on-site, off-site or a home-based teleworker, FedEx Office and Print Centers are now available for print and copy services. The program utilizes the FedEx Office Discount Card to extend HP contract pricing and is intended for HP business use. Employees also have the option to order a personal discount card. The program includes FedEx Office and Print Services only (no shipping services).

Click here to view FedEx Office product and service offerings.

NOTE: shipping services described elsewhere on this website are not currently available to HP Enterprise Services employees.

To order a FedEx Office and Print Services Discount Card for business use:

  • Click the image on the LEFT below.
  • Complete and submit the form. You will receive your card, which will be ready for immediate use, within 15 business days.

To obtain a discount card for personal use:

  • Click the image on the RIGHT below.
  • Print the form and, optionally, cut out the card. The card is ready for immediate use.


Order FedEx Office Discount
plus Shipping Account Card
Personal Print Discount Card
(not for business or shipping use)
Discount Card Discount Card