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Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Saturday: 10AM - 5PM
Sunday: Closed

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Visit the FedEx Office Business Center at Tresidder Union!

Your FedEx Office location is now open at the Tresidder Student Union. Stop by to check out the facility, the package pickup location for incoming packages and the drop-off location for outbound FedEx packages as well as pre-labeled outbound packages for other carriers (except USPS packages). For more information click FedEx Office Packaging Guidelines link on left. 

FedEx Labeling guidelines: 

To receive packages at the FedEx Office package center, please make sure to use the following addressing standards. Failure to comply may result in no notification and package mislabeling.

Student Addressing Standards:

SUNet ID - Student First & Last Name (First/Last Name Field)
459 Lagunita Drive (Address Field)
c/o Stanford Tresidder Union Package Center (Address 2 Field)
Stanford, CA 94305 (City, State and Zip)


Jstanford - Jane Stanford
459 Lagunita Drive
c/o Stanford Tresidder Union Package Center
Stanford, CA 94305

*Please note we do not receive letters, catalogs, or magazines mailed through USPS. 

Pick-up Procedures:

Do not attempt to pick up your package when you receive the carrier delivery confirmation. 

After receiving packages, FedEx Office must process each package into our tracking system. This process links each package to a student for our inventory. Please keep in mind depending on delivery time and volume, package may take up to the next morning to process.  Our system will send out a parcel notification when your package is ready to be picked up. 

To retrieve packages, please bring your Stanford Student ID card. All packages will require a release signature. 

FedEx will hold your parcel for 5 business days before initiating the returns process. If you are unable to pick up your package in this time-frame, please contact the center directly to make alternate pickup arrangements packages are returned to sender on the 9th business day. 

Lost or Damaged Packages:

If a package arrives damaged, FedEx Office will work with the applicable carrier to attempt to include a notification of “Damaged Package on Arrival.”  FedEx Office is responsible only for package damage or loss that is the result of the sole negligence of FedEx Office and that occurs while the package is in FedEx Office's custody; further, FedEx Office's maximum liability is limited to the same extent as the carrier's liability under the terms and conditions of the carrier's shipping/transportation agreement with the shipper.  Any visible damage should first be reported to the customer service department of the applicable shipper/carrier.

Email:          Phone: 650.723.3121          Fax: 650.725.8397