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Welcome UCAR

FedEx Office offers a complete line of business services relating to copying and digital printing. Options include binding and fulfillment services that make it easy to create, produce and distribute presentations, brochures, and manuals.

The purpose of this relationship site is to give UCAR employees access to the programs that FedEx Office offers. Spend some time reviewing each section on this site to see how you can benefit from the FedEx Office Network.


Need to Order Signs or Posters? 

FedEx Office supports UCAR with signs and graphics.  We can produce any type of sign, banner or custom signage item that you may need.   We can produce signage anywhere in the country.

To order a 7 mil Polyester material Poster (at a quick 24-hr turnaround and $5 per sqft), download Order Form HERE.

To order a very durable, long-term Soft Knit non-wrinkle fabric Poster (at a 5-business day turnaround and $8.33 per sqft), download Order Form HERE.

Email files and completed form to

To learn more about our sign and graphic capabilities, please contact:
Meredith Leathers
Sales Customer Service Specialist